Transform employee wellbeing with Yauga

Innovative solutions to enhance workplace wellbeing

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Escape with Meditation.

Take part in immersive meditation sessions with expert instructors, that transport you from your workplace to the beach.

Immersive challenges for 

Generating monthly reports on engagement and participation

Relax Together Remotely

Reduce stress and anxiety at work through our immersive meditations

Targeted meditation for professionals

Drive Productivity with Stress-Relief Meditations

supports your journey every step of the way

Unlock Your Inner Data

Track your sleep, stress, and movement in real-time

Know Yourself, Better Yourself

See how your body responds to daily activities and get personalised insights

Practice Makes Progress

Earn points for every meditation session or yoga pose

Mind & Body Connection

Track your mood to see how it connects to your sleep, stress, and activity levels

Celebrate Your Achievements

Unlock badges for challenges, hitting milestones & mastering your practices

No more guesswork

Master your yoga practice with real-time feedback from our AR instructor. See on-screen adjustments to perfect your alignment and unlock deeper relaxation

Wellbeing Score

Track your wellbeing progress.

The Wellbeing Score provides an overarching view of your health and wellness, integrating data from all vitals and your consistency with practice. This holistic score helps you understand your overall progress and areas that need attention.

  • Comprehensive health overview
  • Encourages consistency in wellness activities
  • Personalised feedback for continuous improvement
Calendar Sync

Stay ahead of stress.

Integrate your work calendar to highlight key periods such as project deadlines and peak work times. Receive timely suggestions for wellbeing activities to manage stress during these critical moments, ensuring you stay balanced and productive.

  • Seamless calendar integration
  • Stress management
  • Proactive wellbeing suggestions

Tailored for success.

Experience a personalised onboarding process designed specifically for employers and employees. This feature ensures that each user receives customised guidance and resources to meet their unique needs, fostering a supportive start to their wellbeing journey.

  • Customised guidance
  • Relevant resources from the start
  • Enhanced user experience

Yoga - Reimagined

Experience transformative yoga sessions in a fully interactive virtual space.

Personalised Onboarding

Our tailored onboarding experience is designed to meet the specific needs of employees. This ensures each user receives the most relevant guidance and support right from the start.

Meditation and Wellbeing Tracking

Track meditation activities with our unique Meditator Score, offering insights and levels based on individual progress. Custom challenges created by your company help keep employees engaged and motivated.

Business Integration

Yauga seamlessly integrates with your company’s schedule, highlighting high-stress periods and providing suggested wellbeing activities. This feature helps employees manage stress effectively during busy times.

Community & Privacy

Yauga fosters a supportive community through social features, connecting employees with their peers. At the same time, we prioritise privacy with anonymous data reporting, ensuring user information remains secure.

Interactive Sessions

Access a variety of interactive sessions, both live and pre-recorded, focusing on essential topics such as stress management, productivity, and work-life balance. These sessions fit seamlessly into a busy workday.

Professional Development

In addition to wellbeing features, Yauga offers tailored content for professional growth, stress management, and self-care. This helps employees maintain a healthy work-life balance and enhance their skills and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Yauga Business improve employee wellbeing in the workplace?

Yauga Business offers a range of features designed to improve employee wellbeing, including stress management tools, guided meditation sessions, and personalised wellbeing recommendations, all accessible through the app.

What are the benefits of implementing Yauga Business in a corporate environment?

Implementing Yauga Business can lead to reduced stress levels, improved employee morale, and increased productivity by providing tools that support mental and physical health.

How is the data from employees managed and protected?

Employee data is securely encrypted and anonymised, ensuring that privacy is maintained and data protection regulations are followed.

Can Yauga Business be customised to fit our company's specific needs?

Yes, Yauga Business can be customised to meet the specific needs of your company, including tailored onboarding processes and customised wellbeing challenges.