Tailored Wellbeing for Your Academic Journey

Empowering Student and Staff Wellbeing

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Escape with

Immersive meditation sessions, benefits of mindfulness, expert instructors

From Stress to Success

Tools tailored to help students and staff manage stress

Track Your Wellbeing Progress

Integrates data from core vitals and tracks your progress so you can understand your body and mind

Practice Makes Progress

Earn points for every meditation session or yoga pose

Mind & Body Connection

Track your mood to see how it connects to your sleep, stress, and activity levels

Celebrate Your Achievements

Unlock badges for challenges, hitting milestones & mastering your practices

Wellbeing Score

Track your wellbeing progress.

The Wellbeing Score provides an overarching view of your health and wellness, integrating data from all vitals and your consistency with practice. This holistic score helps you understand your overall progress and areas that need attention.

  • Comprehensive health overview
  • Encourages consistency in wellness activities
  • Personalised feedback for continuous improvement
Calendar Sync

Stay ahead of stress.

Integrate your university calendar to highlight key academic periods, such as exams and holidays. Receive timely suggestions for wellbeing activities to manage stress during these critical times, ensuring you stay balanced and focused.

  • Seamless calendar integration
  • Stress management tailored to academic schedules
  • Proactive wellbeing suggestions

Tailored for success.

Experience a personalised onboarding process designed specifically for students and staff. This feature ensures that each user receives customised guidance and resources to meet their unique needs, fostering a supportive start to their wellbeing journey.

  • Customised guidance
  • Relevant resources from the start
  • Enhanced user experience

Live Now, on

Experience transformative yoga sessions in a fully interactive virtual space.

Supporting Student Wellbeing

Campus Chill® is designed to empower students to take charge of their wellbeing throughout their university journey. The Yauga ring and app will help you manage stress, improve sleep, and achieve optimal wellbeing.

Personalised For Students

We understand the unique challenges students face, from academic pressure to social anxieties.  Our personalised onboarding process and curated content library offer resources specifically tailored to student needs.

Designed For Connection

Campus Chill® fosters a supportive community environment.  Connect with fellow students, study groups, or university clubs, and participate in custom challenges to stay motivated.

Empowering Universities

Campus Chill® provides universities with anonymous data insights to understand trends.  This allows universities to tailor support services and resources to better meet the needs of their student population.

Join The Movement

Thousands of students across the country are preparing to use Campus Chill® to unlock their full potential and thrive in university. Pilot schemes are starting soon—be among the first to experience the journey to a calmer, healthier community!

Data Security And Privacy

We take your privacy seriously.  All your data is securely encrypted and anonymised.  We never share your personal information with third parties without your consent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Campus Chill® and how does it benefit students?

Campus Chill® is a tailored wellbeing program for students, offering meditation sessions, stress management tools, and community support to enhance overall wellbeing and academic success.

How can universities integrate Yauga into their campus services?

Universities can integrate Yauga by subscribing to the Campus Chill® program, which includes access to personalised onboarding, university calendar integration, and wellbeing tracking for students and staff.

Is the data collected from students secure?

Yes, all data collected from students is securely encrypted and anonymised, ensuring privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

What types of activities and sessions are available for students?

Students have access to a variety of activities and sessions, including meditation, stress management, study techniques, and social wellbeing exercises, all designed to fit into their busy schedules.

Is the app suitable for teachers and support staff?

Yes, the app is suitable for teachers and support staff. We also have a dedicated Campus Chill® version for educators and support staff, which addresses different challenges compared to the student version. For example, it focuses less on loneliness and more on professional development and stress management. Please contact Yauga Wellbeing for further information.